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Photo Galleries - Downloading Photos
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The images in the photo galleries are in Flash format. They are in this format as some individuals have abused their memberships and posted our photos for free all over the internet. It’s that old saying that it takes one to spoil it for the bunch. Having said that.... We have decided that members who have been with us for at least 1 year show a certain dedication to BelAmi and should certainly be rewarded. Though our photos are intellectual property, and should not be taken off the site, we are aware that it is being done. Photo gallery photos will be “unprotected and savable” for those members who have had memberships with BelAmiOnline for at least 1 year!

As you know the longer you are a member, the more privileged you are. There are membership levels. Platinum members (or those who have been with us for a year) have access to more content than new members. It’s similar to the various reward programs out there. Already in and our SilverScreen, you can earn points which allow you to save considerably on rentals and DVDs. We will incorporate even more incentives in the months ahead for dedicated members.

We work hard to bring you the very best. Please understand this policy in all fairness.

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