This error is a result of a script that requires "ActiveX" components on your system, if that component is not enabled you will receive the error as described. To verify:

To obtain a list of all the Add-Ons (ActiveX Controls) in Internet Explorer, do the following
Click on "Tools" (top right)
Click on "Manage Add-Ons"
Click on "Enable Or Disable Add-Ons"

Select "Add-Ons That Have Been Used By Internet Explorer"
The Add-Ons of interest to us are
RMGetLicense Class - This is the component we use for the pre-delivery of licences.
Windows Media Player (wmp.dll) - Windows Media Player core library.
Windows Media Player (wmpdxm.dll) - The Windows Media Player Shim. Translates the Windows Media Player v6.4 browser object to WMP v9.