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I'm double-billed! What shall I do?

If you have more than one subscription and you are billed twice a month, please contact our helpdesk with as much details about your membership and billing as possible. We'll do our best to resolve this issue.
Please provide at least:
  • your e-mail address
  • username
To help us as much as possible to solve this issue in timely manner please include also:
  • billing company of both your memberships
  • your subscription or last transaction numbers
  • exact dates of your initial transactions or last rebills
  • text on your billing statement with that transactions

Please let us know in advance if you want your double-billed months refunded (please note, that it's possible to refund only last two transactions - two months), converted into extra membership for BelAmi or our other sites (Freshmen), into BuyBelami DVD store credit or how do you wish to proceed.
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