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Media could not be loaded / SSL Error when playing or downloading videos

We are aware of the issues some Comcast Xfinity customers on the East Coast of the United States are experiencing. The same problem also affects customers of the Vidéotron Helix platform in Québec which is based on Comcast Services. Sometimes videos could not be played, displaying instead messages about either network error or unsupported format. Videos also could not be downloaded, this time citing certain SSL errors. 

It seems Comcast, as well as Vidéotron, has a feature called "Advanced Security", which can block certain domain names that it "learned" to be somehow not appropriate and when this happens it results in SSL errors. It sometimes decides to block movie theatre websites, libraries etc. and it had chosen our CDN provider this time. So far we were not able to permanently clear this block. You can report inappropriate blocks at, the domain which needs to be unblocked is

If you are affected by this issue you can also visit the Advanced security setting of your provider and there you should have a message like: "Threats have been blocked, but your attention is not required". Under this message, you should have a "Suspicious site visit" list and under that "Threat history" with date and time and your computer identification and information that connection to "" had been blocked. There should be able to unblock this domain for a certain time, hopefully permanently.

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